Games Brief on “What is a social game”– and Adslife

Adslife Museum

Games Brief published an interesting collection of answers to the question What is a social game? What emerges is that there is an ambiguity in the question, on whether it is meant games played not alone (as most game are in some way) or games played through a social network.

Is Adslife a social game?

Author Tom Chatfield answers:

it seems to me that you’re talking about a deliberate intention on the part of the designers: that the most important mechanisms of reward and pleasure come attached to explicitly social aims. And these aims will tend to involve sharing, competing and cooperating with other players

In this sense Adslife is a social game: see for how it lets users share, create, compete and publish.

What I hope Adslife shows is a way to use web sites as sources for user created contents, creating lots of new ways of user interaction, also meaningful, creative ones.

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