A mini site dedicated to MadMen games

All games dedicated to MadMen

We’ve put online a mini site dedicated to MadMen games – if you find more, tell us and we’ll add them to the list!

Adslife final is online

A few days in advance of the planned publishing date (1st of September), Adslife final is online. You can now play the first part of the game for free.

Adslife official trailer

Here is the just released trailer video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gph_Ha–IlY&hd=1

LSD, maps, robberies and more love (towards Adslife final)

Adslife map

Approaching Adslife final, we’ve added several short stories in the game flow, improved internal navigation in several ways – also introducing a map that shows you where you are.

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Some tips for Adslife reviewers

Adslife players community

Being Adslife a browser game played in turns with pauses in between, it may take some time to complete a review. Here are some themes / ideas / features one may consider:

– The story evolves in time: just foolin’ around the office and the club for the first game day will not give you a complete picture of the possibilities.

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Games Brief on “What is a social game”– and Adslife

Adslife Museum

Games Brief published an interesting collection of answers to the question What is a social game? What emerges is that there is an ambiguity in the question, on whether it is meant games played not alone (as most game are in some way) or games played through a social network.

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Creating your ad “as Mad Men”?


Just seen this cute Facebook app where you seem to be able to do something like creating an ad but you can’t actually do a thing but upload a photo in a fixed color contest.

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Creating a new kind of social browser game: Adslife

adslifeMarkHere we analyze our new game Adslife which has just been released in beta. You can play it here:


As the post is quite long, you also find it in the form of slides on Slideshare here.  All the references of this post can be found together here.

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