Storymoto, the JavaScript game-story engine, is online

Storymoto demo

Storymoto is online here: . Online there is a demo, full sources (on GitHub) and also HTML and PDF documentation.

Storymoto is a prototyping tool that is particularly easy to put online – just HTML and JavaScript files, no server side or database needed. Hence it is a particularly practical prototyping tool, reducing testing costs to a minimum. Reloading the game after a change is as simple as reloading an HTML page (actually there is even a button to do that) – it could hardly be faster and more practical.

So if it is of any use for you – please donate and help us bring the project forward!

Writing your game script / storyboard in JavaScript

Since I’ve started writing the story for Open Lab’s first game, I’ve been wondering about game script / storyboard tools. I was looking for a tool that would let you test character’s interactions; I mean something for defining the flow of the story as a narrative, before creating a graphical storyboard. This makes sense in games where the story plays a significant role – exactly the kind of games we want to create with Gamamoto. Read the rest of this entry »


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