Releasing a (free) JavaScript game-story scripter & engine


To browser game developers

We are considering releasing our JavaScript game-story scripter and engine as a free download, which could be easily integrated in your browser game development cycle for creating, testing and integrating game story scripts in the rest of your game.

What the engine does is taking game-story scripts written in JavaScript and running them in both emulator mode or (of course) integrated in the real game, supporting maintaining state of environment, player and non-player characters.

Would anyone be interested in getting it? Read the rest of this entry »

Writing your game script / storyboard in JavaScript

Since I’ve started writing the story for Open Lab’s first game, I’ve been wondering about game script / storyboard tools. I was looking for a tool that would let you test character’s interactions; I mean something for defining the flow of the story as a narrative, before creating a graphical storyboard. This makes sense in games where the story plays a significant role – exactly the kind of games we want to create with Gamamoto. Read the rest of this entry »


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